ui_character_db is a parameter file meant to contain informations about all the characters in the game.

It allows you to edit the ID of a character, the numbers of slots availables, which icon should be displayed on the CSS and which number is assigned to a costume.

Fields Edit

Here is a list of what each Name contained in an entry is associated to.

Please note that some of the Names have yet to be discovered.

Name Description
0 Cosmetic ID
4 Character Series Icon
6 Actual character ID. Refer the the Character ID list to know which one it is.
7 Number of slots available. While you can go up to 255.
9 Do Not Show on CSS
10 Is a DLC character
13 CSS Position
21-36 These names contains the ID of the icon for the CSS that is associated to a costume.

For example, Name 21 containing a value of "5" means the game will be looking for chr_10_Fighter_05.nut when it needs to load an icon.

37-52 These names contains the ID used to find the Character Select Name (CSN) and Character Battle Name (CBN) associated to a costume.

For example, Name 37 containing a value of "3" means the game will be looking for

chrn_11_Fighter_03.nut when it needs to load the CSN or look for the CBN in melee.msbt.

Characters Edit

Below contains all of the entries in the ui_character_db.bin file, aka, each character and their entry.

Some things are unknown. If you know what these are, please edit them in.

Name Character
1 Mii Brawler
2 Mii Swordfighter
3 Mii Gunner
4 Mario
5 Donkey Kong
6 Link
7 Samus
8 Yoshi
9 Kirby
10 Fox
11 Pikachu
12 Luigi
13 Captain Falcon
14 Ness
15 Peach
16 Bowser
17 Zelda
18 Sheik
19 Marth
20 Mr. Game & Watch
21 Ganondorf
22 Falco
23 Wario
24 Meta Knight
25 Pit
26 Zero Suit Samus
27 Olimar
28 Diddy Kong
29 King Dedede
30 Ike
31 Lucario
32 R.O.B.
33 Toon Link
34 Charizard
35 Sonic
36 Dr. Mario
37 Rosalina
38 Wii Fit Trainer
39 Little Mac
40 Villager
41 Palutena
42 Robin
43 Duck Hunt
44 Bowser Jr.
45 Shulk
46 Jigglypuff
47 Lucina
48 Dark Pit
49 Greninja
50 Pac-Man
51 Mega-Man
52 Mewtwo
53 Ryu
54 Lucas
55 Roy
56 Cloud
57 Bayonetta
58 Corrin
59 All Miis?
60 Giga Bowser (Final Smash)
61 Wario Man (Final Smash)
62 Giga Mac (Final Smash)
63 Mega Lucario (Final Smash)
64-81 Unknown - May be placeholders for more Mii fighters, or possibly bosses.

Things to know Edit

The character entries may very well not link up with the actual names of the characters, as some of them have different names in japan. Ex. Robin being "Reflet", and Jigglypuff being "Purin".

Even if Name n°7 allows you to change the number of slots up to 255, it's actually useless, as nothing has been discovered yet to customize more than 16 slots at the moment. By customize, this means able to fully edit the character including nameplates, voices, and announcer calls. You can have up to 255 slots of just extra skins and costumes but these will be restricted to the default name and nameplate of that character. Also, replays will not save properly with any character past the 16th slot.

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