This page contains the list of all series icon IDs. These IDs are used for both the CSS, SSS, and any other place where the series icons show up. The 3DS and Wii U versions of the game use the same icon IDs. The Wii U version contains all of the icons for both the characters and stages, even the stages that are 3DS exclusive (Like Pictochat). The 3DS only contains the icons for the characters and stages that appear in its game. The game also has over 100 unused icon slots! Please note that not all of these are tested.

The naming scheme also applies to the victory icons. However, they're each in a seperate folder as the icons are models for the victory screen. The folders are found in ui\result\mark\model.


IDs Series Internal Name
0 Smash smashbros
1 Donkey Kong donkeykong
2 Star Fox starfox
3 Kirby kirby
4 F-Zero fzero
5 Metroid metroid
6 Mother/Earthbound mother
7 Pokémon pokemon
8 Zelda zelda
9 Mario mario
10 Yoshi yoshi
11 Fire Emblem fireemblem
12 Game & Watch gamewatch
13 Pikmin pikmin
14 Wario wario
15 Kid Icarus palutena
16 Smash (duplicate)
17 Gyromite famicomrobot
18 Sonic sonic
19 Electroplankton plankton
20 Pictochat touch
21 Animal Crossing doubutsu
22 Wii Fit wiifit
23 Xenoblade xenoblade
24 Punch Out punchout
25 Duck Hunt duckhunt
26 Rhythm Heaven rhythm
27 Mega Man rockman
28 Nintendogs nintendogs
29 Find Mii miiplaza
30 Pac Man pacman
31 Tomadachi Life tomodachi
32 Wrecking Crew wreckingcrew
33 Wuhu Island wuhuisland
34 Miiverse miiverse
35 Pilotwings lightplane
36 Brain Age braintraining
37 Balloon Fight balloonfight
38 Swapnote (?) diary
39 Street Fighter streetfighter
40 Final Fantasy finalfantasy
41 Bayonetta bayonetta
99 etc
400 cs_all cs_all
401 cs_equip cs_equip
402 cs_special cs_special
403 cs_miiparts cs_miiparts
404 cs_miibody cs_miibody
405 figure figure
406 money money
407 stage stage
408 sticket sticket
409 cd cd
410 soft soft
411 mb mb
500 fsi_moveup fsi_moveup
501 fsi_jumpup fsi_jumpup
502 fsi_atkup fsi_atkup
503 fsi_specialup fsi_specialup
504 Smash Bros. (duplicate)
505 fsi_itemup fsi_itemup
506 fsi_defup fsi_defup
507 fsi_allup fsi_allup
508 fg_fighter fg_fighter
509 fg_companion fg_companion
510 fg_finalarts fg_finalarts
511 fg_item fg_item
512 fg_assistfigure fg_assistfigure
513 fg_pokeball fg_pokeball
514 fg_ws fg_ws
515 fg_fs fg_fs
516 fg_enemy fg_enemy
517 fg_stage fg_stage
519 fg_series fg_series
520 fg_etc fg_etc

Indicates an unused icon

Segtendo edit: There are over 100 unused slots. It will take some time to add them all. Just leaving a note here to whoever sees this.

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